Phoenix the Fool

PHOENIX BALLSBring fun and magic to your event with jester Phoenix the Fool. His tomfoolery and amazing magic will delight and astound audiences of all ages. As a walk-about, strolling jester (with his invisible dog Bruce) or as a charismatic party magician, Phoenix brings astonishment and laughter wherever he goes.


Phoenix takes the best of the traditional court jester and mixes it with contemporary humour, music, magic and circus arts. Crossing the barriers of age and language his playful and mischievous antics amuse and delight. This theatrical and artful jester combines interactive magic, flute playing, juggling and pure charisma which captivates the hearts of any audience. Phoenix the Fool is available for festive walkabout magic and buffoonery, great for corporate parties and special events. 

"Jester is AMAZING! Very funny watching as he interacts with people of all ages,
please come back X-Scape"  
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